6 things...

so mille tagged me to do this. "you have to mention the person who nominated you, and then tag 5 more blogs, and notify them. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy and at last state the rules."

1. my cat dyrup.
2. icanhascheezburger
3. thinking about christmas.
4. jon stewart.
5. my new film encyclopedia by ephraim katz.
6. sleeping in & having breakfast in bed.

i cant find 5 people to tag. so im just gonna tag kisskissdancedance & halfgirl.

3 kommentarer:

a sagde ...

du er sej!

Hazel sagde ...

Jep, elsker også Jon Stewart.

young sagde ...

gode ting! jeg er også vildt nede med lolcats for tiden<3
men det kan du jo se om snart :)