ah! mere ferie!

1. verdens bedste vilde have, 2. vindueskarm hos min veninde, 3. roser på vejen, 4. de første jordbær fra haven, 5. kaffe på vesterbro.

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Jana sagde ...

You have a really sweet blog. and it seems to me with interesting content too (unfortunately I cannot read it, haha)...

did you grow the strawberries yourself? I plan on urban gardening and hope I can grow delicious red strawberries on my french balkony :)

cheers to you, cloé!

from elilos.blogspot.com
(and real-life Istanbul)


cloé. sagde ...

jana: thank you!
well, actually they're in my garden by accident. one year we just suddenly had strawberries outside our door. so i'd think strawberries would be good for urban gardening since i've never done anything to help them grow, and they're here every summer.

good luck with them!